The Companies of North Coast
Among 82 to Receive Leading EDGE Award
for Value Creation in Northeast Ohio


6-3-2011 – The Companies of North Coast, Cleveland, was among 82 Northeast Ohio companies being honored at The 2011 Crain’s Leading EDGE Awards on May 19, 2011 at Cleveland State University’s Student Center in Cleveland, Ohio. In its fifth year, this prestigious award was created and developed by The Entrepreneurs EDGE to recognize value-creating, middle-market companies in the region.

Honored companies were identified by the value they create in our regional economy, based on a sum of their EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes) and taxable employee compensation.

“We are honored to be recognized along with the 81 other companies in the Greater Cleveland area. Being able to grow and add value to the community is very gratifying”, said Rich Petrovich, president and CEO.

The Companies of North Coast

Over the past thirty five years a unique organization has been nurtured in Cleveland, Ohio, the Companies of North Coast, North Coast Tool and Mold Corp. and North Coast Composites, Inc. Together, these two individual, yet complimentary companies offer their customers a synergistic approach to making composite parts, primarily for the aircraft industry, using the Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) process. Building on its thirty five years of engineering experience, North Coast has provided its customers a one-stop shop to design and manufacture tooling, demonstrate functionality, as well as develop high level processes and serial production parts to the highest standards.

North Coast Tool & Mold Corp.

North Coast Tool & Mold Corp. (NCTM) was started in 1976 by Richard L. Petrovich, President and C.E.O... Over thirty five years, Mr. Petrovich has continuously re-invested the profits of his company to provide the employees with state-of-the-art machine tools, computers, programs and technology, affording them the best opportunity to succeed and grow. NCTM currently occupies 33,000 sq. ft. and employs the finest mold designers, CNC programmers, mold makers, CNC set-up operators, support staff and managers with one goal: Continually improve the services we offer to our customers. Creative thinking, direct communications and the spirit of teamwork, has allowed NCTM to develop into what is today, a leader in innovative tooling for the High-performance Composite Industry.

North Coast Composites, Inc.

North Coast Composites, Inc. (NCC) began in 2003 after careful consideration and planning by Mr. Petrovich and his management staff. NCC started out in 18,500 sq. ft. in the same facility as its partner NCTM and now occupies 32.000 sq. ft. NCC is quickly being recognized for its innovative thinking, entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to producing affordable quality composite parts, resulting in development work as well as serial production.